Our Team


Gontran Dondain

The Owner


Gontran Dondain is a passionate wine enthusiast and collector, a former business leader in the agro alimentary world, turned winemaker. His vision has driven him to create an estate of exceptional quality and imagination to share his passion.












Stéphanie Dondain

Sales and Marketing Director

In 2004 Stephanie joined her father at the domaine having spent a number of years working at the communications agency Wunderman Cato Johnson (Young & Rubicam Group). In 2008 she created Chateau Cabezac Collections Ltd in the UK. She is responsible for export to Asia, looking after the Parisienne restaurant market and the strategic direction for Cabezac’s marketing and communication.  stephaniedondain@wanadoo.fr 







The Sales Team


Alain Charbonnel, the Operations Director, co-ordinates all of the estates services: alain@chateaucabezac.com













Marie Binisti runs the boutique and looks after the local professional clients: caveau@chateaucabezac.com














Veronique Oinville is the sales administration and logistics manager: veronique@chateaucabezac.com







Tara Lechartier is the Marketing and Communications Manager:  tara@chateaucabezac.com






Vanessa Cumming runs Cabezac Collection UK : vanessa.cumming@chateaucabezac.com





Our Winemaker and Production Team


Simon Milhavet, our winemaker, ensures the effective co-ordination of a team of five full-time and 10 seasonal staff who work in the vineyard and cellar. : simon@chateaucabezac.com


Jeannot Pigassou is the vineyard manager

Gaby Ferrer is responsable for the seasonal staff

Vivi Fort-Cros prepares the orders.