Our History

The renaissance of the estate


  • Acquisition of the estate with a surface of 34 ha, of which 28 are in production.
  • Taking account of what already existed, it was necessary to rethink the entire chain of production, following a demanding set of specifications, to ensure the development of excellent raw materials and to re-establish a high level of quality.
  • Analysis of each plot in order to provide correct fertilising.
  • Reconstitution of the trellising plans to optimise photosynthesis.
  • Working the soil and establishing sustainable farming methods.
  • Optimisation of the means of production.
  • Search for complementary terroirs



  • Continuation of work undertaken in order to receive the 97 vintage in the best conditions..
  • Ploughing the soil in four passages, according to its hardness.
  • Reconstruction of the Syrah trellises.
  • More severe pruning in order to control the yield.
  • Fight against parasites and diseases through sustainable farming.
  • Improvement in the way the harvest is collected and stored.Sunny and warm vintage of great quality. 1998 taught us a lot and thus get a warm welcome in the specialised press.


  • Acquisition of 2,5 ha of gravel fields.
  • Chardonnay and Merlot planted.
  • The vintage was quite similar to that of 1998, with more supple and silky wines, reflecting the work undertaken both in the vineyards and in the cellar.


  • Plantation of the vines increasing the proportion of Mourvèdre.
  • Acquisition of 9 ha of land and leasing of 13 ha planted with A.O.C. grape varieties
  • Green pruning and de-leafing, followed by the purchase of a sorting table.
  • A damper year compared with the previous ones, but with a better approach to the terroir for our blends.



  • The plants appear to have benefited fully from the different actions undertaken on the ground.
  • Acquisition of a “cap punching” machine for a finer grape extraction.
  • A challenging vintage which, nevertheless, enabled us to assess the results of our efforts both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Characteristics defining 2001 were concentration, strong tannins, and complexity.


  • Pursuit of the “house philosophy”.
  • Investment in an oak barrel cellar.
  • A challenging vintage, which required a maximum level of risk taking in order to bring to the press a perfectly matured grapes. Risks played out due to a problematic blossoming and change of colour of the berries. Small yields, great maturity and high concentration characterised the Château Cabezac wines for 2002.