Our Terroirs

The vineyard is situated on the foothills of the Causse range at the foot of the Black Mountains, and consists of 4 types of exceptional terroir all highly complementary to make of our various vintages. Visit this wild and beautiful land on foot, by bike, on horseback ....




Belvèze-Chateau CabezacThe Belvèze Plateau

The Belvèze plateau corresponds to deposits left by the river Cesse, and is a terrace. It is composed of quartz pebble shale, gneiss, quartz and sandstone. The soil is deep with moderate fertility with all the characteristics necessary to produce wines of great quality. 






Cascal, Garrigots Cabezac



Cascal, Les Garrigots

The Cascals and the Garrigots are a low terrace composed of elements left by the river Cesse which borders Garrigots. This parcel has a substantial deposit of pebbles, which ensures good drainage. One can make excellent reds with low yields. This is a soil who’s organic or mineral matter needs to be closely monitored to avoid sudden droughts and maintain productivity.







Cazelle, Chateau CabezacThe Cazelles Plateau

Located 350 meters above sea level, this beautiful plateau has soil of a lunar appearance covered with white stones, rich in organic matter. The subsoil clay layer regulates the nourishment of the plant throughout the year. Its altitude provides temperature differences in summer to produce a very satisfying wine with an excellent acidity necessary for successful aging, and which brings finesse, concentration and complexity.



Le Pech, Cacau CabezacLe Pech, Cacau

Cacau and Pech is located on the hill of Pech. The soil consists of lacustrine limestone and white marl. The slope of Pech is very well exposed south, and has a gritty soil. Cacau has a more marly clay soil.





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